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The Market Prospect Of The Disposable Slippers

Dec 21, 2016

Disposable slippers, has many advantages: air permeability; Filterability. Heat preservation; Water imbibition. Water proofing property; Scalability; Don't shock; Feel is good, soft; Light; Elastic and can be recovered; Without the direction of the fabric; High compared with textile fabric production, production speed; Low price, can be mass production; Size is fixed, is out of shape not easily; Skid resistance, wearing comfortable, and easy to use and so on. Apply to hotels, hotels, foot bath, sauna and so on.   

At present, China's largest disposable slippers base "yangzhou city in jiangsu province" sea ray hotel supplies co., LTD., alone to develop all kinds of material of the slippers. Become one of the most influential brand in the domestic and foreign enterprises. Adopt high quality material, comfortable soft terry cloth, velvet, coral velvet, etc., does not stimulate the skin to wear comfortable. The most comfortable adjustment can be tailor-made according to different foot type. Choose three line up mechanism, can be quite strong, not easy to fall off. Can be applied to electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshop, catering services, food processing, school, spray processing, stamping metal, institutes, hand processing, hospital, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, factories, clean environment, public places such as a variety of purposes.