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The Choice Of Shortcut Hotel Disposable Slippers And The Suggestion

Dec 21, 2016

Most shortcut hotel currently include the use of disposable slippers components are relatively simple, is commonly: sole, covering, sponge, the vamp and article package. The five class is the most basic part of the slippers, and is also the most simple configuration. Sole front we have detailed instructions, the other is the most important part is the fabric. Quick hotel fabrics are mostly for spinning, of course, there are a part of the hotel use fleece fabric. No spinning fabric permeability is good, price is low, is one of the hotel disposable slippers fabrics of the lowest price. But just as well silk slippers to keep warm performance is poorer, comfort performance. Currently most efficient hotel disposable slippers fabrics are no spinning. Such as: quick star of jinjiang hotel, home inns, gold wide quick hotel, when the shortcut hotel, motel 168 fast, and so on. Of fleece fabrics thermal comfort than just as well the silk fabrics, although have a little difference on the price, but also improve the quality of the product quality and service. Here give a suggestion, so hotel operators without spinning slippers and warm comfortable slippers can use season cross. Due to save time and dosage of disposable slippers are more than other products, so suggest hotel slippers can store two fabrics, permeability is good, no spinning fabrics using high temperature summer, warm and comfortable winter low temperature using wool fabrics. Which can improve the service standard of shortcut hotel, also can effectively reduce the purchasing cost.