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Slipper The More Convenient

Oct 30, 2017

Slipper The more convenient

Disposable slippers are more convenient in production. Because all sizes of disposable slipper are certain, it is easier to produce. And unlike those cotton slippers that can be recycled, the demand for slipper fabrics is high, and disposable slippers are very low on fabrics. Manufacturers don't have to consider too many factors in the production, so they can quickly produce a lot of disposable slippers in a suitable size.

Sometimes produces a pair of slippers need only a few short minutes, rapid will be the sole with the perfect combination of vamp, and then quickly loaded bags,, is that a pair of slippers. Because of the convenience and convenience of slippers, this shortcut has been favored by many hotels. 1. Disposable slippers are divided into base and one bag.

2. Fabrics have velvet, waffle, velvet, plush, towel, real beauty cloth, plush, velvet, nonwoven fabric...

The sole material is EVA, with white soles, raw flax, pressure, water, pineapple, and willow.

4. The work of inlaid slippers is complex, and the materials are above average, and are used in hotel hotels of more than 3 stars.

5. A bag of disposable slippers is relatively easy to work. The materials are below medium and are basically used in hotel hotels under 3 stars. Slipper is a kind of shoe, heel is completely empty, only the front have the shoe head, more is flat, the material is often quite soft leather material, plastic, cloth etc. The types of slippers are distinguished according to the occasion and the use of the performance. Disposable slippers manufacturers said the beach slippers, for example, would not be cloth, plastic, this is in order to waterproof, good cleaning, shoe type also specially designed, often referred to as flip-flops, also is what we call flip-flops. But winter indoor slippers, in order to keep warm, may use fluff cloth, but not use plastic, make people have better enjoyment in the bedroom. Other electronic factory and dustproof workshop common anti-static slippers.

There is also a popular saying that slippers originated in the Meiji era of Japan. In fact, the slippers were earlier originated in India. When the southern song dynasty official, weeks without officials in guangxi, as recorded in the local 阯 is due two people wearing leather slippers, a is the leather at the bottom, there is a small one inch long hair with GuDuo column, walking with toe clips, another red one to cross mounted on the bottom of the skin, to the foot to walk through. Again, the shape of these leather slippers is exactly the same as the one worn by luo han in the painting at that time. Zhou went on to describe the red slippers worn by the people of the south of India in the same way as those worn by luo han in the painting.

The disposable slipper manufacturer said that the most commonly used in the hotel is the disposable slippers of PVC sole. The disposable slipper can make customers feel that the hotel is a comfortable and hygienic place. A clean and comfortable hotel can also provide a lot of services to clients, and to some extent, the reputation of the hotel will be a great help. It is fair to say that the use of disposable goods is not only a customer but also a great help for its corporate culture.

The disposable slippers made by the hotel are soft, quiet fabric, terry cloth, velvet, coral, etc., which do not stimulate the skin. Can be according to different foottype the most quiet adjustment. Using a three-wire mechanism is not easy to fall off. Can be widely used in electronics manufacturing, clean room, catering services, food processing, machining, metal stamping, hospitals, schools, paint industry's hand, hospital, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, factory, etc.