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Slipper Soft And Comfortable

Sep 27, 2017

Slipper Soft and comfortable

Alone developed a variety of materials slippers, as domestic and foreign enterprises have one of the influential brands.

   The use of soft and comfortable high-quality fabrics, towel cloth, velvet, coral cashmere, etc., do not stimulate the skin to wear comfortable. According to different foot type made the most comfortable adjustment. Use three-line car mechanism, can be very solid not easy to fall. It is suitable for various applications such as electronic manufacturing industry, clean workshop, catering service, food processing, school, spray processing, stamping hardware, sanitary ware, hand processing industry, hospital, beauty, pharmaceutical, factory, environment clean, public The

   Disposable slippers performance and advantages: non-slip soles, comfortable to wear, easy to use

   Disposable slippers Product use: for hotels, hotels, foot bath, sauna and other places.

   Our hotel products include hotel slippers, laundry bags, towels, disposable slippers and other hotel daily necessities. At present, the common slippers soles are mainly TPR bottom, EVA bottom, PVC at the end of three kinds, which TPR at the end of the most non-slip, PVC followed, EVA best. So consumers in the purchase of slippers, the best choice EVA bottom slippers. Second, the soft bottom of the slippers than the hard bottom of the non-slip. The soft material of the soles and the contact surface will produce subtle irregular deformation, so as to obtain a larger contact area, resulting in a greater friction, anti-skid effect will be relatively improved. Finally, look at the shadows of shoes, the common soles of the stripes according to the degree of non-slip can be divided into: horizontal stripes, folding lines, vertical stripes. In the purchase, try to buy horizontal striped slippers, while the more the more anti-slip pattern.

   The most popular two slippers on the market risk index is very high. One is the young people like the "splint slippers", the other is the hotel hotel commonly used "disposable paper slippers." In the sole material, soles hardness, sole structure design and other factors, these two slippers are not to achieve "non-slip" standard, especially disposable paper slippers. Hotel disposable slippers at the bottom of the smooth, almost no wrinkles, stained with water this medium, wearing people particularly vulnerable to fall. In the hotel to wear slippers, the safest is anti-skid slippers, followed by ordinary plastic slippers, and then barefoot, the most unsafe is a one-time slippers. Disposable slippers are relatively light to those shoes that are worn when traveling. With the change of people's minds, in the current market has begun a large-scale disposable slippers of the transaction, with their own ventilation, insulation, waterproof, soft and comfortable, non-slip and easy to deformation and other advantages, disposable slippers to the customer Has brought great convenience, is a very suitable for the shoes with a distant door.

   When you wear heavy shoes to go most of the way, a pair of feet have been breathless, more serious will be in the feet grinding a lot of bubbles, this time you need to sit down and rest for some time. If the shoes directly off, in front of other visitors face damage to decent, and that is backpack in the shoes for a long time the feet will have sweat, attracted other people's exclusion is worth the candle. So, bring a few pairs of lightweight disposable slippers is more convenient.