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Slipper Performance Use

Jun 01, 2017

Slippers are a kind of shoes, followed by the whole empty, only in front of the toe, mostly flat, the material is often very soft leather, plastic, cloth and so on. Slippers category according to wear occasions and performance purposes are differentiated. Such as beach slippers, it will not be fabric, but plastic, which is to be waterproof, good cleaning reason, toe type has also been specially designed, often known as sandwiched slippers, that is, we call the word drag. But the winter indoor slippers, in order to keep warm, may use fluff, rather than the use of plastic, so that people in the room have a better enjoyment. Another electronics factory and dust-free workshop commonly used anti-static slippers.

Slippers, the second half without the upper shoes, usually in the room to wear. Usually refers to the premise of not hurt the shoes and feet, only through the shoes or feet, or shoes and feet parallel to the direction of the feet of the three protrusions, or the soles of the inner surface of the approximate plane and the extension of the axis with the axis of the plane Sports can make shoes and feet separate shoes, slippers have been widely used in people's daily life.

Origin editor

Popular saying that slippers originated in Japan Meiji era. In fact, slippers originated in India earlier. When the Southern Song Dynasty officials of the party went to Beijing, to record the local people to wear two kinds of skin slippers: one is the end of the skin, the middle of an inch long head with a bone column, with the toe grip walking A kind of cross red skin placed in the leather on the foot to walk and walk. And said the shape of these leather slippers, and at that time in the painting in the same piercing. Week to Africa also describes the southern Indian fringes to wear red slippers, and painted in the same painting.


Slippers and some specific areas of culture also deep relationship, in many Asian countries, into the house must be replaced indoor slippers, in the toilet also has a dedicated bathroom slippers, and the owner and the guests are often distinguish between slippers.

Tropical areas

Tropical countries, outdoor slippers are quite common, many people working in the streets, work dress and ultimately a pair of slippers, most restaurants will not be prohibited wearing slippers into the inside.

Sightseeing spots

Some of the coastal tourist attractions are also common to wear slippers of tourists, so some high-level restaurants, clothing stores or department stores, will be posted on the shop "ban on slippers into the slogan" slogan.

Formal occasions

In the formal occasions to wear flat shoes slippers are not ritual, such as attend the graduation ceremony, the church, visit the temple and so on. In Thailand, the Jade Buddha Temple, the express provisions of the visitors can not wear the heel of the slippers.