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Slipper More Frequent

Sep 18, 2017

Slipper More frequent

In the hotel, slippers generally provide more frequent products, because many guests will not carry slippers, so to provide a good quality, giving a comfortable disposable slippers is very important.

Hotel slippers to see is simple, but the need for several processes with the composition, first of all we have to break the process of the hotel slippers, hotel slippers are upstairs, help, shoes, soles, mats, wrapping and other materials,

1, the choice of materials, this off is the difference between the grade and price of hotel slippers, any fabric can be made of slippers, the price level is also ranging from the choice of materials to pay attention to the properties of cloth, according to the properties of cloth to distinguish whether the composite sponge, If you can not add sponge will affect the appearance and comfort of slippers!

2, the upper: slippers are divided into all-inclusive, half packs, cross and folding practices, each method is different, the upper can be printed or embroidered LOGO, the upper mold must be based on the size of the soles to match, otherwise it will affect Positive double slippers look!

3, help: also known as slippers accessories, this material is currently using very low price materials, we all think that is not seen in the inside of the material, in fact, this piece of material is relying on the foot surface, it and the shoe cover All affect the foot feeling!

4, shoe cover: slippers shoes under the size of the soles to the next material, if there is a pad material to pay attention to the shoe cover larger than the soles!

 5, soles: soles have several kinds of material, thickness can be customized according to customer requirements or price requirements, the soles of the main attention size and deformation, if you do not do deformation, will affect the appearance of the effect!

 6, the edge of the package: the edge of the slippers is based on the color of the shoe cover, called the color, the material according to the price of the filter!

 7, packaging: generally use OPP self-sealing transparent bagging, each pair, one according to the requirements of the guests!

The quality of the hotel's disposable supplies is not so easy, mainly from the price and quality to choose. Regardless of any product quality is always the first, regardless of its high and low prices, quality must be guaranteed. Some slippers are very cheap, but wear on the bad, that guests will leave a very bad impression on the hotel, so the quality is the foundation.

Hotel disposable slippers are mainly related to the manufacture of materials, if your bottom is relatively thick or the material is relatively high, the natural price will not be low. So according to the actual situation of their own hotel to choose the most suitable for their own hotel disposable slippers. Price and quality are more appropriate, it would have to consider the degree of beauty, especially some star hotels or high-end clubs on the hotel a one-time items of beauty has a high demand, because the improvement of people's living standards, for this taste also Will improve, practical external aesthetic is also very important.

 The hotel in the purchase of disposable supplies, how to consider it? Now the hotel supplies and more to safety and health, energy saving and environmental protection as the theme, not the pursuit of the past extravagance and waste, the existing cost management methods to improve, without affecting the product Quality under the premise of the cost to do the most effective use of the distribution.