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Slipper Good Water Absorption

Aug 28, 2017

Slipper Good water absorption

Hotel disposable slippers point plastic cloth in the country is not very popular, because many people feel inconvenient, that is not waterproof. In fact, abroad, this bottom is also very common, especially the Americans most like. Mostly used in animal shoes, Japan and South Korea also like to wear this kind of bottom, because this bottom slip is very good, because the mute effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, lightweight, non-slip. Hotel disposable slippers as a one-time items in the room to see what kind of materials need to use it?

Features: soft texture, feels smooth, looks smooth, and really cotton, silk, wool fabric similar, good water absorption, so the product color is beautiful, comfortable and very warm. Wash the use of soapy water or detergent, soaked in warm water for half an hour, hand light rub, should not use the plate brush and washboard wash (artificial hair thick, you can use soft brush brush).

People often say a word: "the rich eat tonic, the poor bubble feet." Visible foot effect is very large. Especially in modern society, the large number of air-conditioning use, coupled with people generally eat cold food, so the body more than dampness, through the foot bath, you can accelerate the body cold. For small hotels, the profit is not appropriate. Compared with the hotel, small hotel small size, low grade, less profit, which determines the small hotel in many ways can not compete with the hotel. In the quality of visitors, small hotel guests are mostly good and bad. Which makes small hotel slippers, towels and other supplies consumption is very large.

There are three reasons for this, first of all, guests in the use of time do not pay attention to the intention of intentional damage. Check out at noon when the number of more, the owner can not patrol every one, most of the situation can not talk about the word. Followed by slippers are missing phenomenon, the same as above. In addition, the normal replacement also cost a lot of money. In order to solve this problem, it is recommended to find a professional hotel slippers manufacturers, so that the other side to provide disposable slippers.

In this way, the problem of large consumption of slippers can be properly resolved. In addition to the above benefits, the use of disposable slippers is also appropriate to consider the concerns of the health of the guests to prevent cross-infection of bacteria and hotels on the frequent disinfection of slippers and a series of problems.

The use of disposable products will also improve their competitiveness in the invisible, in the eyes of the guests to establish a good image of safety and health, to attract more new and old customers to patronize. As a result, the hotel's turnover will rise Oh.