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Slipper Fabric Material

Sep 06, 2017

Slipper Fabric material

With the improvement of people's quality of life, and more and more close to people's lives, slippers are divided into indoor slippers and outdoor slippers. Indoor slippers are generally divided into cotton slippers, open slippers, bathroom slippers, slimming slippers, fitness slippers, wipes slippers, disposable slippers (hotel drag), etc., as the name suggests, no matter what kind of indoor slippers, are used in the room Main, and convenient, health, fitness, comfort, fatigue and other characteristics of the slippers to make indoor slippers gradually become an integral part of people's lives.

   Slippers themselves, no shelter, to the feet on a line, is undoubtedly the liberation of the feet; shoes and then fit, the feet are a kind of oppression, a limit, accidentally will be forced out "Foot smell" to come. In real life, slippers can not only make people's feet out of the shackles, seems to be more people's spirit from the extreme work and life freed.

   Slippers are no strangers, the first appeared in the market slippers are plastic slippers, plastic slippers relatively smooth, bright, compared with other materials slippers more stiff, its material and plastic pots and plastic barrels are often the same material. Bubble slippers mainly in the market stalls to see more, because the foam material is very cheap, the price is also very cheap to sell, but the quality is the worst of all slippers. Bubble slippers have been out of the mainstream, bubble slippers is easy to distinguish, the most direct is the quality is very light, hand press the soles, will be easy to go down.

Disposable slippers fabric material generally towel cloth material, towel cloth material slippers generally moisture, breathable, light texture. Velvet disposable slippers comfortable and soft. Disposable slippers fabric material and pull plush, coral cashmere, cotton, mesh cloth and other materials made of. In fact, under normal circumstances for the production of fabric fabric material can be used to make the hotel slippers do it. Disposable slippers hotel slippers have the use of the bottom of the shoe, such as canvas, mop velvet, deerskin, canvas class material production. This is more suitable for use with wood flooring, wear soft and comfortable, but also better cleaning. Some use of EVA material. This material is more common slippers, this disposable slippers relatively strong, easy to wear easy to clean, and the price is relatively cheap. Some use of the TPR material. TPR material disposable slippers non-slip waterproof performance is better, feels like touching rubber feel almost, some people will say it like rubber bottom, tendon bottom. Have a strong wear characteristics. Using the PVC material, in fact, PVC material is generally a layer of leather EVA outsourcing from the end of processing. This is a one-time slippers easier to wear replacement is also convenient, usually not stained with dust, if it is dirty on the cloth rub two just like it changed it. But its shortcoming is to wear a sense of foot more stiff.