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Slipper Disposable Slippers

Aug 01, 2017

Slipper Disposable slippers

According to the survey, there are still some hotel hotels do not provide disposable slippers but can be repeated to wear plastic slippers, so that although the cost savings to the hotel, but it greatly reduced the hotel's favorability, it is difficult to fight back customers. So, how to choose the hotel hotel slippers is very important.

 There are also some media reports that there are guests in the hotel due to wear a one-time slippers slippery and claim things. This is actually related to the choice of slippers. The disposable slippers on the market are mostly non-woven or paper to do, the soles are plastic, the middle layer of a thin layer of sponge, divided into non-slip and non-slip, the proposed hotel in the procurement should choose relatively thick soles , Plus a non-chute, so easy to make the guests slippery, nor to reduce the dispute less to the trouble.

In our lives, we generally will not intentionally pick or buy one-time items, but on some special occasions, such as if you travel, in some hotels and hotels will be free daily hotel supplies one-time items, these disposable supplies Including slippers and other items. If you use it can continue to use it, then you can keep it, or if you stay in the hotel for a long time, you can open the slippers and other one-time products to save good for later spare.

Soles: generally common is EVA material to do. Thickness 2mm-5cm, shading are generally: willow grain, water ripples and pineapple pattern.

   Cover: are generally non-woven, towel cloth, velvet, cut velvet, velvet, waffle, pull cloth and other materials.

   Lining: the general material and the same cover,

   Upper: general material and cover the same,

   Edge: generally are non-woven and plastic side.

   Low slippers fabric, but also with a low dyed dyed material dyed, including formaldehyde, heavy metals and other "healthy assassin", a little even including carcinogenic things. Slippers are good or bad from the smell can be identified, if there is a strong waste of compound plastic, dyed material taste, it is best not to buy. Weather turned cold, many city residents busy buying wool slippers.

Disposable slippers in the production, is more convenient. Because the size of disposable slippers are a certain size, the production is easier. And unlike those who can be recycled cotton slippers on the slippers fabric requirements are higher, disposable slippers on the fabric requirements are very low. Manufacturers in the production do not have to consider too many factors, just a suitable size, you can quickly produce a lot of disposable slippers.

Disposable slippers have a good waterproof slip resistance and ventilation. As a result of disposable slippers design a variety of characteristics, making disposable slippers have a variety of advantages, such as ventilation, waterproof slip resistance, water absorption and so on. In this case, one-time slippers will play to play a non-slip role. In view of these advantages, the hotel can rest assured that the choice of disposable slippers, because guests not only like clean and hygienic slippers, will also like to wear very comfortable slippers.

Disposable slippers are very light and very soft and comfortable to wear. Although disposable slippers production is relatively simple, low cost, but its comfort, flexibility, etc. is beyond doubt, it is very comfortable to wear. So the hotel can rest assured to buy, choose clean and disposable slippers for guests to provide services.