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Slipper Culture And Etiquette

Jul 17, 2017

Slipper Culture and etiquette

In the expansion of the production scale, in the gradual progress of the peace and stability of the sales volume, then the inheritance of its own history and brand image. Comfortable and comfortable, kang jian has become a modern people's search and longing. In the future, China will continue to set off this popular new fashion.

The hotel's own disposable hotel slippers are determined based on the hotel's level, the cost of the house and the customer base. In general, the hotel's class, the cost of the house and the customer base decide how much to use the slippers, or the slippers of any material.

Only from the point of view of material is non-woven slippers, wool slippers, terry cloth slippers, velvet slippers, beautiful cloth slippers, cut wool slippers, pleuche slippers, loops plush slippers, and other series. And different types, the disposable slippers of different styles, rely on the current fashion elements to build, not only the appearance is fresh and generous, but also have the sense of fashion. The existence of a disposable hotel is more than just a negative effect. Its existence is not only beneficial to the savings of resources, but also the existence of the root. Secondly, hotel and hotel supplies some disposable goods, such as the hotel slippers and commodities such as paper towels, after use, can also pass back processing, will waste into.

The Japanese hotel provides slippers, and the bathroom has special slippers. Toothbrush toothpaste bath items are all available. Tap water can be drunk directly. There are all kinds of power plugs in the hotel. If you take electrical appliances from home, you need a voltage converter.

The system is applicable to the disinfection management of hotel slippers. The staff of this unit shall comply with the implementation. 1. The unit slipper adopts a system of sterilization. The disinfection of slippers must be carried out in the sterilization room. 3. The inside of the slippers is sterilized for the purpose of disinfection, and anyone can not use it for other purposes. 4. Slippers must be disinfected in batches, and slippers should not be added to the disinfection pool during the sterilization process. Slipper culture and introduction: the slippers are also deeply related to the culture of certain regions. In many Asian countries, indoor slippers must be replaced, and bathroom slippers are used in bathrooms. And the owner and guest's slippers are usually distinguished.

In tropical countries, it is quite common to wear slippers outdoors. Many people work in the streets, and there is also a pair of slippers. Most restaurants aren't banned from wearing slippers. Some of the seaside resorts are also seen by tourists wearing slippers, so some fancy restaurants, clothing stores or boutiques will post "no slipper" signs on the door.

It is not polite to wear flat slippers on a formal occasion, such as attending a graduation ceremony, going to church, visiting temples, etc. At the jade Buddha temple in Thailand, it is expressly stated that visitors should not wear unheeled slippers. And ladies wear sandals, sometimes maybe like slippers, is only the top of the shoe without the heel, but often there is a high heels instead of a flat, not at this time is called slippers, which are referred to as high-heeled shoes or sandals.