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Slipper Avoid Multiple Re-use

Oct 19, 2017

Slipper Avoid multiple re-use

On the use of the hotel after the feeling of slippers

Remember every time every time to travel abroad travel, every time out. As long as living in hotels, hotel rooms, we will find the hotel, the hotel stood a variety of disposable many items, the hotel slippers have a one-time comb, disposable toothbrush, disposable toothpaste, disposable shampoo, disposable Shower gel, etc., a great convenience to our travel, but also to the health of everyone brought protection, to avoid repeated use of items to carry the threat of bacteria.

But when I was admitted to the hotel or hotel slippers room, see so many one-time hotel supplies, my heart feel heavy.

The huge one of China, countless people in the hotel stay. It is conceivable that we will consume a lot of one-time hotel hotel supplies every day, how much waste of resources.

China, as a country with a large population and a shortage of per capita resources, we are shouting sustainable development all day, to establish a scientific concept of development, so many one-time hotel rooms are one-time items conducive to resource conservation and sustainable Development? In recent years, the world hotel slippers industry has formed a certain industrial scale, the relevant slippers products are increasingly perfect, but the domestic slippers market is far from mature, compared with developed countries in Europe and America, regardless of market size, product quality, variety specifications, consumption level And so there are still a considerable gap. With the rapid development of China's market economy, slippers technical level, product quality improvement, the application of the field of continuous expansion of China's hotel slippers industry will have a huge market demand and development space. The next few years, especially in 2015 China's slippers industry market size of more than 13 billion yuan, the growth rate will reach about 7%.

At present, there are five major areas in the domestic slippers, located in Jinjiang Inner Town, Shantou Jieyang City, Fuzhou Cangshan District, Chengdu Wuhou District and Taizhou Wenling City, each with its own characteristics. Slippers are part of the footwear industry in the small profit margins, gross margin of about 15%, yield, but almost no brand awareness. Hotel disposable supplies exist not only will have some negative effects, its existence is not only conducive to resource savings, and But also fundamentally rooted in the existence of spoil.

Second, the hotel and the hotel and other supply of some disposable items, such as hotel slippers and paper towels and other goods, after use, but also through the recovery and processing, waste waste into treasure. But if these hotel slippers and other goods, have switched to long-term goods, then these did not completely reach the value of the use of discards, will be the formation of how much damage, for the environment will be formed in the amount of pollution.