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Slipper As Planned

Aug 12, 2017

Slipper As planned

Disposable slippers history

Cost control is a relatively strong planning work, control standards once developed, it must be strictly enforced. For example: the Department of the room according to the daily cleaning and maintenance tasks and the monthly health work plan, developed a reasonable consumption of cleaning supplies is the cost of two-sided needle cost control standards must be used as planned. For more detailed cost control, it is required to analyze and compare the monthly consumption in the form of a report, sum up the experience in order to make the cost control work step by step. We are still a lot of inconspicuous items around the items are always not easily overlooked, for example, disposable slippers, to stay when the first Golden Gate will always find a pair of slippers, home when a door is always Will be the first slippers, so slippers this little thing is an indispensable part of our lives. Then it should be very few people go back to understand the historical sources of slippers and culture it

Popular saying that one-time slippers originated in Japan Meiji era. In fact, disposable slippers originated in India earlier. When the Southern Song Dynasty official officials of the week went to Africa, to record the local people to wear two kinds of skin disposable slippers: one is the end of the skin, the middle of an inch long head with a bone column, with the toe grip walking , Another with a cross red skin placed on the leather, to foot through and walk. And said the shape of these skin disposable slippers, and at that time and painting in the painting of the same pier. Weekly also described the southern Indian fringes to wear red disposable slippers, and painted in the same style.

In advocating the natural and environmentally friendly atmosphere, the skin, wood, bamboo, straw and other natural materials made of disposable slippers, began to be popular in our country. Now disposable slippers to cool, health, safety, fashion features, the emergence of air-conditioning disposable slippers, bath disposable slippers, beach disposable slippers, health disposable slippers, fashion disposable slippers, bedroom disposable slippers and other concepts The These all kinds of colorful disposable slippers, such as a road leisurely leisurely, elegant chic leisure landscape, creating a romantic passionate summer fun.

1, is the choice of materials, this is a distinction between disposable slippers grade and price, any fabric can be made of slippers, the price is also high and low, the choice of materials to pay attention to the properties of cloth, according to the properties of cloth to distinguish whether Sponge, if not add sponge will affect the appearance and comfort of slippers!

2, upper: slippers are divided into all-inclusive, half-bag, cross and folding practices, each method is different, the upper can be printed or embroidered LOGO, upper mold must be based on the size of the soles to match, otherwise it will affect Positive double slippers look!

3, help: also known as slippers accessories, this material is currently using very low price materials, we all think that in the inside of the material can not see, in fact, this piece of material is relying on the foot, it and the shoe cover All affect the foot feeling!