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New Cheap Hotel Slippers Situation Analysis

Jun 16, 2017

New cheap hotel slippers Situation Analysis

Chapter II of the hotel one-time consumption of goods overview and the status quo analysis First, the concept of disposable items for the hotel one-time consumption of goods, is for people traveling and travel to provide convenient supplies, can only use once, not reusable Items, including the hotel supplies a variety of daily necessities, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, bath, slippers, combs and other "six small pieces", and even some hotels will provide guests with a one-time razor or a woman Cosmetics, as well as restaurants to provide customers with packaged services, as well as bags and so on. Although there is something that is not a disposable disposable, but because it is a personal use of the article so it will not be used for the next guest. One-time consumption of goods both convenient advantages, but there are many drawbacks.

Second, the classification of disposable items can be divided into: soluble and insoluble; recyclable and non-recyclable soluble: matches, coasters, cups, pumping paper, paper cups; insoluble: comb, bath Hats, garbage bags, baths, shampoo, packing boxes and bags. Can be recycled: garbage bags, matches and shampoo and bath, sewing kit and so on. For the environment we live in, the hotel must classify disposable items clearly and ensure that they are used skillfully when serving the guests to reduce the cost of the hotel and look forward to protecting the environment.

Third, the characteristics of one-time consumption of goods 1, with the convenience of accommodation in the hotel some of the guests are traveling or travel, if there are particularly many things when you will feel particularly troublesome in the hotel for the guests to prepare these things Of the time, will make guests feel particularly convenient, fast, especially by the guests welcome. For guests to stay out of the convenience, even if the hotel's one-time items are not very good use of the case, people will be on the use, but for now part of the special focus on maintenance of the ladies, comes with cosmetics relative Or more for the hotel room staff do not understand the subject of the guest case or for each room will be added to the corresponding one-time items. Now the community to promote the "CD-ROM action", also in the hotel restaurant in the performance of the most incisive, many guests in the meal can not eat the phenomenon, you will buy a box to carry the package to take home, in this case whether the box Or bags are convenient. To facilitate guests to take home and then to carry and carry, so as to obtain the satisfaction of guests and social development.

The following is our often used "disposable chopsticks" hidden three major hazards: (1), damage to respiratory function: disposable chopsticks in the production process to be sulfur fumigation, so the use of heat in the process of release SO2, erosion of respiratory mucosa ; (2), damage digestive function: disposable chopsticks in the production process with hydrogen peroxide bleaching, hydrogen peroxide has a strong corrosive, the mouth, esophagus and even gastrointestinal corrosion; grinding process using talcum powder, The body slowly accumulated, and ultimately lead to people have a disease - gallstones. (3), bacterial infection: sterilized disposable chopsticks shelf life of up to 4 months, once the shelf life is likely to bring yellow bacteria, hepatitis and E. coli and so on.