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New Cheap Hotel Slippers How To Do Environmental Protection

Aug 01, 2017

New cheap hotel slippers How to do environmental protection

Hotel slippers in the use of how to do environmental protection

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   Hotel slippers and so are one-time items, how to do after the use of environmentally friendly it?

   There are several ways to recycle:

   1, if the visitors can, such as combs can be recycled, the guests can take away their own.

   2, if you have to throw away the proposed thrown into the trash is better.

   3, other aspects of the use. If you can, such as discarded toothbrush can be brought back to the brush shoes and the like.

   If a pair of slippers in the hotel after many times wearing a lot of passengers are a look do not want to use, the hotel's favorability greatly reduced. Now because of the hotel slippers available, the hotel will be standing disposable slippers. Guests will feel clean, hygienic, convenient and non-repetitive at check-in, so you do not have to worry about wearing slippers through others.

   Hotel selection of hotel supplies, of course, is safe and healthy as the premise, the person's health and safety is the first person. If the hotel selected unhealthy hotel supplies and make guests hurt, both for the guests or the hotel will suffer a very large loss.

  What kind of material is used in the production of slippers? The following to understand the next:

   Hotel slippers both convenient to stay guests also improve the hotel's own service quality.

   Disposable supplies are very common in the hotel, not only to reduce the cost of labor for hotel staff, but also to bring convenience to customers. At present, the hotel offers a wide range of slippers, all kinds of materials made of slippers have. For the hotel manufacturers should choose how?

   With the most extensive material or polyester-cotton fabric hotel slippers, polyester fabric of high strength, good elasticity, smooth surface. As the characteristics of polyester materials, made of slippers have a good waterproof slip resistance, but also marks wear.

   But the polyester is also a drawback, such as one of the polyester fibers are hydrophobic fibers, easy to adsorb oil, and wear the process prone to static electricity and adsorption of dust. The harm for the environment is also larger, polyester-cotton hotel slippers are synthetic fibers, can not be degraded. Polyester is a mixture of polyester and cotton, feel comfortable as cotton, wearing cotton sweat better.

Hotel slippers are generally hotels and other hotels to provide more one-time products, check the guests are generally not carrying slippers. So a pair of good quality, comfortable material slippers products is particularly important.

   Hotel slippers to see is simple, but the need for several processes with the composition, first of all we have to break the process of the hotel slippers, hotel slippers are upstairs, help, shoes, soles, mats, wrapping and other materials,

   1, the choice of materials, this off is the difference between the grade and price of the hotel slippers, any fabric can be made of slippers, the price level is also ranging from the choice of materials to pay attention to the properties of the fabric, according to the properties of cloth to distinguish whether the composite sponge, If you can not add sponge will affect the appearance and comfort of slippers!

   2, upper: slippers are divided into all-inclusive, half-bag, cross and folding practices, each method is different, the upper can be printed or embroidered LOGO, upper mold must be based on the size of the soles to match, otherwise it will affect Positive double slippers look!