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Indoor Slipper Comfortable Features

Jul 03, 2017

Indoor Slipper Comfortable features

ndoor slippers, with the improvement of people's quality of life, and more and more close to people's lives,Indoor slippers are generally divided into cotton towers.

Shoes, slippers, bathroom slippers, slimming slippers, fitness slippers, wipes slippers, disposable slippers (hotel drag), etc.

Name of meaning, no matter what kind of indoor slippers, are mainly used in the room, convenient, hygienic, warm, comfortable characteristics of the indoor slippers gradually become indispensable part of people's lives.

The first: TPR at the end

This bottom is the most common, TPR bottom of the process is divided into, TPR soft bottom, TPR hard, TPR

Side seam bottom, there are a lot of friends that the end of the rubber, tendon at the end, blow molding bottom, viscose at the end can be classified as this category.


The end of the advantage is that soft, waterproof, with a certain wear resistance, feels like we are usually familiar with the rubber feel, there is a TPR on the basis of pressure into the cloth, an increase of TPR durability.

The second: EVA at the end

This kind of at the end of a lot of people will feel strange, in fact, often go to travel and love to see the Korean drama is no stranger,

Hotel towers are basically used to do this at the end. Korean drama in many families to wear slippers is the end of this kind.


The end of the advantages are: solid, lightweight, easy to clean, comfortable breathable, soft, rich colors. Easy to process, easy to glue, easy to fall off. Suitable for beach shoes, home leisure drag, travel slippers and so on.

The third: point plastic cloth at the end

Point plastic cloth in the country is not very popular, because many people feel inconvenient, that is not waterproof. In fact, abroad, this kind of The end is also very common,


Americans are most fond of. Most used in animal shoes, Japan

South Korea also likes to wear this kind of bottom, Because this bottom slip is very good, because its mute effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, lightweight, non-slip.

The fourth: cloth bottom

There are many types of cloth, useful suede, useful canvas, there can be mop the mop, the bottom of the slippers, the bottom of the slippers for wood flooring, soft and comfortable, very good cleaning, most of the direct throw Into the washing machine on it. If you The room has a carpet, or a very high-grade wooden floor, Or you are a house woman, like nest in the bedroom Internet, so soft and comfortable bottom slippers is definitely the best choice. But this kind of bottom of the shoes from the craft is more difficult and the audience market is not large, the market rarely. Chinese market is not easy to operate such slippers. Is in the EVA.

The end of a layer of leather after the synthesis of a process. Outside the shoes (pictured) at the end of the majority is the use of this material. The same plastic cloth, EVA, the same cloth, PVC

The end is also mostly used in Japan and South Korea slippers. Probably because Japan and South Korea most of the families are wood flooring and carpets, this bottom of the slippers basically regardless of the left and right, it is easy to wear replacement.

So this is the most popular in Japan and South Korea, will not be contaminated with dust, dirty as long as the rub on the cloth on the two clean.

But for the Chinese people is not how good to accept, in fact, his foot feeling is quite blunt.