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Indoor Slipper According To Wear The Occasion

Aug 28, 2017

Indoor Slipper According to wear the occasion

Indoor slippers is a kind of shoes, followed by the whole empty, only in front of the toe, mostly flat, the material is often very soft leather, plastic, cloth and so on. The type of indoor slippers varies according to the occasion of wearing and performance.

Indoor indoor slippers As the name suggests, is to wear in the main indoor, as far as possible should be reduced to wear outdoors. Especially PVC, EVA such soles, basically you wear a few times to wear out.

If it is the north, the basic heating room in the winter, it is recommended to buy in front of the plush indoor slippers, this indoor slippers sold in foreign countries are more rare, because the domestic indoor slippers are not easy to accumulate bacteria, The room will not feel hot suffocation, plush fabric is also very comfortable, cleaning is also very convenient.

In the next 0.5 cm and then draw a knife, with a knife to pick out the middle of the sponge, draw a groove, with the same method to draw the remaining two longitudinal grooves. Similarly, cut a cut on the left side. So from the toes to the heel there is a V-shaped groove. Initially, a one-time indoor slippers style is relatively simple, is a simple white indoor slippers, what color above no, with the improvement of people's aesthetics, one-time indoor slippers manufacturers to produce disposable indoor slippers style is no longer a single , But there are a variety of colors and a variety of styles, so the development potential of disposable indoor slippers is great.

Disposable indoor slippers waterproof and absorbent relatively strong, but also has a certain degree of permeability and a certain degree of insulation, so that the feet will not sweat or feet too cold; and it is more comfortable to wear, the fabric is relatively soft; the most important Is the price is relatively low, consumers are acceptable.

Now the hotel, the hotel's one-time indoor slippers recycling can be an example for environmental protection, whether it is a one-time indoor slippers or bathing, shampoo, etc. recycling, saving resources, attention to environmental protection for other enterprises and the public set up A good example. In the future production process, the production of disposable indoor slippers raw materials continue to increase, it has the characteristics of the increase, so it seems, one-time indoor slippers development potential is great