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How To Determine The Material Of Slippers

Dec 21, 2016

Most consumers will ask the clerk when buy slippers slippers material, actually slippers material is very good to identify, choose and buy when don't have to be in accordance with the shop assistant recommend, and some assistant doesn't always speaks the truth.

The consumer how to judge the material of slippers?

Here small make up to tell you, cool slippers on the market at present is made with this material, Eva material, blowing material, plastic and foam material, generally in mall slippers, basic it is material of slippers, Eva material and blowing blowing so Eva material and material of the slippers is now mainstream of slippers, Eva slippers is smaller and lighter material, softness is moderate, wear-resisting non-slip, a lot of sports shoes sole is made of Eva material. Blowing material slippers much heavier than Eva slippers is obvious, but more soft than Eva shoes, wear very comfortable. If you still don't know how to distinguish between Eva and blowing slippers, just remember heavier is blowing slippers, light is Eva slippers.

Plastic slippers everyone not unfamiliar, first appeared in the market of the slippers are plastic slippers, plastic slippers more smooth and shining, compared with other material of the slippers is stiff, the material of it often, and plastic containers and plastic material is the same. Foam slippers, see more, mainly on the market stalls for foam material is very cheap, price also very cheap pin is very good, but the quality is the worst of all the slippers. Foam slippers is out of the mainstream, the slippers is easy to distinguish, the most direct is the quality is very light, press the sole with the hand, can easily hollows.

Through the introduction of the above, I believe that most consumers know how to identify the material of cool slippers, how to choose and buy a pair of good quality and fashion cool slippers.