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Hotel Slipper Several Processes With

Aug 12, 2017

Hotel Slipper Several processes with

Hotel slippers manufacturing process is what it looks like

In the hotel, slippers are generally to provide more frequent products, because many guests will not carry slippers, so provide a good quality, giving a comfortable disposable slippers is very important.

Hotel slippers to see is simple, but the need for several processes with the composition, first of all we have to break the process of the hotel slippers, hotel slippers are upstairs, help, shoes, soles, mats, wrapping and other materials,

1, the choice of materials, this off is the difference between the grade and price of the hotel slippers, any fabric can be made of slippers, the price level is also ranging from the choice of materials to pay attention to the properties of the fabric, according to the properties of cloth to distinguish whether the composite sponge, If you can not add sponge will affect the appearance and comfort of slippers!

2, upper: slippers are divided into all-inclusive, half-bag, cross and folding practices, each method is different, the upper can be printed or embroidered LOGO, upper mold must be based on the size of the soles to match, otherwise it will affect Positive double slippers look!

3, help: also known as slippers accessories, this material is currently using very low price materials, we all think that in the inside of the material can not see, in fact, this piece of material is relying on the foot, it and the shoe cover All affect the foot feeling!

4, shoes cover: slippers shoes under the size of the soles to cut, if there is a pad material to pay attention to the shoe cover larger than the soles!

5, soles: soles have several kinds of material, thickness can be customized according to customer requirements or price requirements, the soles of the main attention size and deformation, if you do not encounter deformation, will affect the appearance of the effect!

6, the edge of the package: the edge of the slippers is based on the color of the shoe cover, called with the color, the material according to the price of the filter!

7, packaging: generally use OPP self-sealing transparent bagging, each pair of one, according to the requirements of external packaging!

In recent years, the hotel industry has developed rapidly, the hotel supplies industry needs to follow the hotel industry changes, because the current sales model still remain in the backward mode is not desirable, the rise of the era of electricity, hotel supplies industry needs to develop? Follow the disposable slippers manufacturers to understand.

First, how to develop small and medium enterprises

The development of e-commerce to the traditional sales model has brought a huge impact, but also to many enterprises brought hope. Small and medium enterprises have joined the electric business team, hotel supplies business is not far behind. Online, offline combination of business model to adapt to the development needs of the hotel industry.

Second, can not completely ignore and can not completely rely on

Some companies on the development of e-commerce dismissive, and some companies are full of confidence, for the line under the market sales channels do not develop.