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Hotel Slipper Only Applies To The Carpet

Oct 19, 2017

Hotel Slipper Only applies to the carpet

Hotel hotel provides one-time hotel slippers only apply to the carpet or dry floor, this hotel slippers are mostly made of non-woven or paper, most of the soles are plastic, the surface is too strong and smooth. Consumers are best not to wear disposable slippers on the floor of the tiles, especially in the stained tiles on the ground, to be extra careful.

The official said, according to the Consumer Protection Act provides that consumers in the purchase, use of goods and services to enjoy personal and property rights without damage to the right. Therefore, the hotel operators should pay attention to safeguard the safety of consumers, take the initiative to take appropriate measures, such as in the eye-catching position prompts consumers, do not wear disposable slippers into the bathroom, bathroom; at the same time to provide consumers into the bathroom, , Or in the event of a consumer was injured, the hotel hotel should bear the corresponding legal responsibility. The use of soft and comfortable high-quality fabrics, towel cloth, velvet, coral cashmere, etc., do not stimulate the skin to wear comfortable. According to different foot type made the most comfortable adjustment. Use three-line car mechanism, can be very solid not easy to fall. It is suitable for various applications such as electronic manufacturing industry, clean workshop, catering service, food processing, school, spray processing, stamping hardware, sanitary ware, hand processing industry, hospital, beauty, pharmaceutical, factory, environment clean, public The Disposable slippers have a lot of advantages, such as it has a good ventilation, filter, insulation, water absorption, water resistance, slip resistance and scalability, and when it is not disheveled, there is a certain degree of flexibility, Can be restored, which makes it the size becomes very fixed, not easy to deformation, feels soft and feel good, comfortable to wear, the body light. Compared with the ordinary fabric, with the direction of the textile fabric compared to high productivity, production speed; the most important thing is its low price, can be mass production. According to the survey, there are still some hotels do not provide disposable slippers but can be repeated to wear plastic slippers, so that although the cost savings to the hotel, but it greatly reduced the hotel's favorability, it is difficult to fight back customers. So, how to choose the hotel hotel slippers is very important. There are also some media coverage of the guests in the hotel due to wear a one-time slippers slippery and claim things. This is actually the hotel with the choice of hotel slippers. The disposable slippers on the market are mostly non-woven or paper to do, the soles are plastic, the middle layer of a thin layer of sponge, divided into non-slip and non-slip, the proposed hotel in the procurement should choose relatively thick soles , Plus the anti-chute, so easy to make the guests slippery, nor to reduce the disputes less trouble.