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Hotel Slipper Disinfection Management

Oct 11, 2017

Hotel Slipper Disinfection management

The existence of a disposable hotel is more than just a negative effect. Its existence is not only beneficial to the savings of resources, but also the existence of the root. Secondly, hotel and hotel supplies some disposable goods, such as the hotel slippers and commodities such as paper towels, after use, can also pass back processing, will waste into.

The Japanese hotel provides slippers, and the bathroom has special slippers. Toothbrush toothpaste bath products and so on are provided. Tap water can be drunk directly. There are all kinds of power plugs in the hotel. If you take electrical appliances from home, you need a voltage converter.

The system is applicable to the disinfection management of hotel slippers. The staff of this unit shall comply with the implementation. 1. The unit slipper adopts a system of sterilization. The disinfection of slippers must be carried out in the sterilization room. 3. The inside of the slippers is sterilized for the purpose of disinfection, and anyone can not use it for other purposes. 4. Slippers must be disinfected in batches, and slippers should not be added to the disinfection pool during the sterilization process. It has good waterproof and anti-slip and aeration. Due to the various features of disposable slippers, the disposable slippers have all kinds of advantages, such as aeration, waterproof and skid resistance, water absorption and so on. In this way, the disposable slippers will act as antiskid. In view of this kind of advantage, the hotel can be assured of the use of disposable slippers, because the guests not only like clean and hygienic slippers, but also like to wear very comfortable slippers.

Safety, health, convenient and can reduce a variety of infectious diseases, reduce cleaning time and energy, reduce cleaning time and manpower, saving clean water and reduce the cleaning with detergent products. It also reduces pollution. Because all sizes of disposable slipper are certain, it is easier to produce. And unlike those cotton slippers that can be recycled, the demand for slipper fabrics is high, and disposable slippers are very low on fabrics. Manufacturers don't have to consider too many factors in the production, so they can quickly produce a lot of disposable slippers in a suitable size.

Disposable slippers are very light and comfortable to wear. Although disposable slipper production is simpler and less costly, its comfort, flexibility and so on are indisputable, and it is comfortable to wear. Therefore, the hotel can choose the clean and sanitary disposable slippers to serve the guests.