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Hotel Purchasing A Magic Weapon For Disposable Slippers

Dec 21, 2016

Disposable slippers in the hotel or guest graphic we often see that lived in the hotel guest graphic knows that. Hotel as part of a small six pieces as one of necessary supplies hotel supplies or hotel supplies, hotel how to purchase? At the time of purchasing need to pay attention to what? Nine are small make up to tell you!

Hotel supplies procurement of disposable slippers were mainly wholesale, which should pay attention to the following points while doing hotel supplies wholesale, disposable slippers, what material is the first to determine such as non-woven cloth slippers slippers, disposable towels, slippers, grid, etc.

No spinning slippers is made up of random fiber, has moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-toxic non-irritating, price is low, etc.

Towel slippers with high insulation resistance, both the waterproof, water imbibition, scalability and unkempt, high compared with textile fabric production, production speed. Soles with non-slip performance, wearing comfortable, it is more convenient to use.

Grid cloth slippers shoe made of pure cotton fabric colour is beautiful, comfortable and beautiful, the air is cool, well-made, quality is good, wearing comfortable, not easy deformation, not hurt the floor.