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Hotel Amenity Supplies Standard

Sep 27, 2017

Hotel Amenity Supplies standard

Hotel slippers for the future hotel room supplies standard outlook

   With the rapid development of the Internet, the hotel industry is gradually changing, especially the hotel room supplies standard, the hotel procurement items are not limited to ordinary room supplies.

   You can imagine the future of the hotel room supplies standard, are filled with business atmosphere is what kind of scene? Let's look to the next:

   1, smart phone room key

   Always be careful to keep the hotel room key or room card? Now the hotel new technology is developed, so that smart phone users can enter the hotel room without a key. Now in some hotels, has begun to enjoy this service. As early as three years ago, InterContinental Hotels Group was testing smartphones as room keys. Using an application from OpenWays, hotel tenants can download a piece of audio code to their own iphone, or Android, the phone next door lock scan open, it is convenient.

   2, hotel room sensor

   Many specifically for the hotel procurement business, are currently in the development of room sensors. For example, guests can automatically enter the door lights, body temperature sensor can sense the temperature of the guests body, and then adjust the hotel room room temperature. Emotional sensors can sense the feelings of the guests, and then according to the guests to play the mood of the song.

   3, mirror TV

   For business guests, time is very important. They usually get together, have not yet wash their face to hope to understand the global dynamic and current affairs news. Mirror TV can effectively help these guests save time. Mirror TV is the mirror and the TV function is integrated, installed in the bathroom. Guests in the wash at the same time, you can watch TV, to understand the dynamics and news. 4, business it

   Business it is for the hotel business guests is an important service. General business guests travel in many cases will forget to carry all kinds of office equipment, chargers, headphones and so on. Just like the mini bar is for the hotel guests to provide food and drink, the business bar is for guests to provide a variety of equipment and accessories. Whether it is for hotel business guests, or for hotel leisure guests, this service is very necessary.

   The future of the hotel supplies is no longer the same way, the era of development, the hotel industry should continue to progress to meet customer needs, I believe these four standard will not be the end of the hotel service.