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Hotel Amenity Supplies Purchasing

Jul 03, 2017

Hotel Amenity Supplies Purchasing 

Supplies Purchasing Editors

With the increasingly fierce market competition, service first, regional advantages, buyer resources, market size, brand influence and service level, etc., who can provide customers in the market convenient, fast and the most valuable procurement services Will be very popular.

Hotel equipment supplies companies in the development of the road, should be more attention to detail, "beyond customer needs, customer satisfaction," the service concept, to protect customers to save time, peace of mind, effort, save money to the required Hotel equipment supplies.

Fully collected and analyzed market information

Market decision prices, procurement must be fully collected and analyzed before the market information.

Cost Control

1, quality control. In any case, the quality of the purchased product is always in the first place, which is related to the reputation of a hotel. Especially food, beverages, tobacco and other goods to pay attention to its health and preservation. In the management can be divided into three levels of responsibility, that is, the use of departments, Purchasing Department, the Ministry of Finance Receiving Department. On the quality, brand and model, the use of the department has the absolute right to decide, if the quality does not meet the requirements, the use of departments can be unconditionally asked to replace immediately.

2, the number of control. Blindly increase the number of purchases of goods is undoubtedly a kind of waste. The use department should make the order quantity according to the actual demand plan. Can be divided into two levels of responsibility. Use department and finance department.

3, price control. Price and quality, payment methods and other close contact, should be based on "quality first, the price is reasonable" principle of price control. Take a three-level responsibility system, that is, the use of departments, purchasing department, finance department. supplier

1, there is a solid financial. It is best to choose a firm financial capacity of the suppliers, because it is to maintain the level of hotel goods, quantity and delivery time have some protection;

2, the quality of unity. The selected suppliers must be able to supply items that meet the requirements of the hotel, keeping the hotel at a consistently stable level;

3, good reputation. Credibility is to ensure smooth cooperation between the two sides an important prerequisite, the best choice in the industry has a good reputation of the supplier;

4, area. If the quality or quantity is acceptable, it is best to choose the local suppliers, thus saving transportation costs, and easy to contact, easy to check the implementation of the contract at any time;

5, the price. If all suppliers supply goods, quality, quantity and delivery time can meet the hotel requirements, the supplier to choose the lowest price, if the quality conditions are different should be considered with the purchase department, the consultation approved the most in line with the requirements of the hotel supply Business

6, after-sales service. If the purchase of goods is the need for future maintenance, select the supplier will pay special attention to this point.