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Hotel Amenity Disposable Consumption

Jul 17, 2017

Hotel Amenity Disposable consumption

Consumerism and disposable consumption. With the development of society and the progress of modern science and technology, people have been freed from the bondage of material extremes and thus entered the era of abundant food and clothing. But social products greatly enrich the not lasting prosperity but capitalist countries of two times of economic crisis, as a result of overproduction and traditional thrift principle has become the modern industrialized mass production the constraints of sustainable development, under this background, consumerism originated in the United States to become the new consumption values highly regarded, in a timely manner the hedonic consumption has become the doctrine of people's lives.

Social pressure and disposable consumption. Modern society is a society with high rhythm, high competition, high pressure and high efficiency. In this environment, people need to express their emotions, relieve pressure and realize their "value". In other words, consumption becomes an important channel for material satisfaction and emotional catharsis. One-time consumption is in such an intricate social environment, catering to the modern consumer fast pace of life style and popular.

Science and technology and disposable consumption. As mentioned above, disposable consumption is the product of the rapid development of economy, the rapid development of science and technology, and the production of socialized mass production, which is the product of modern industrial civilization. Without the revolution of science and technology, no one would be free from the natural liberation and material abundance, and there would be no disposable consumption. It can be said that the advance of science and technology is the basic condition of disposable consumption. The difference between the disposable toothbrushes and daily brush and notice two factors that influences the quality of the brush is a brush grinding quality and rate of MAO, disposable toothbrush is different from daily toothbrush, usually only use 2-3 times, if brush hair quality is bad or rub hair rate is not enough, will cause harm to the oral cavity.

There is an inkjet printer in the market that is cheap and sells just over 200, but when you buy ink cartridges after you use it, the price of a cartridge is even more than the price of a printer. Similarly, a lot of hotel shower gel is cheap, but the amount of hot water used for a shower is worth several times the value of the shower gel.

The sanitary cleaning of towel must be disinfectant with disinfectant, and then use high temperature technology to make instant sterilization. In addition to the hotel room disposable items, many large pieces of bedding also needs to be sterilized. This is the most fundamental solution to the guest's distrust of hotel room supplies, which makes it even more comfortable to stay here. Some friends took pictures of her slippers from a senior hotel, which was a rare bag in front of a thick, thick type, and embroidered the hotel's trademark on it. Then everyone started talking about 'hotel slippers'. Some people love to carry their slippers on the road, but I am the kind of attitude that I can have. Selective slippers are more lazy than random: I don't think so, because thinking in travel, back to the hotel room to rest, in fact 'slippers also pretty important - a pair of comfortable slippers to give a little bit of' home 'psychological comfort.

There are many hotels, used to the toes, but it is a little cushion of slippers, that is the most common but not lost; On the contrary, the least favorite is the thin paper, which is also a kind of hotel slippers made of paper. If the evaluation of the hotel is good or bad, I think first is clean, there is a toilet and then the berth, count down may slippers also have influence score, because the representatives' hotel serious degree. Some hotels are not high grade, but they are generous to give nice thick slippers, I will score points; Relatively, the hotel claims to have a quality but slippers are paper classes, I would think hotels are stingy. The overjoyed, of course, was the sight of a thick, all-enveloped quality hotel slipper - the kind of hotel that the representative promised to give travelers' sense of home!

Hotel slippers are supposed to be discarded, but they have become a lot of people's 'travel love letter'. Every time I leave the hotel pack, always feel slippers through the time, it is quite a pity and so may take hotel slippers, or next to the room into the luggage, as house slippers. The slippers of my luggage represent my affirmation of the quality of the hotel, and represent my good memory of the trip.

Last time relatives living in the international famous brand hotel, the hotel can provide a pair of slippers for her daughter small, has given the degree of care family choose this hotel again next time one of the important reasons - a pair of 'hotel slippers on behalf of the hotel brand's careful, don't look down upon!