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Correct Understanding Of Disposable Product

Dec 21, 2016

The benefits of disposable goods

1, health: paper disposable in fast food restaurants, health.

2, recyclability: most disposable products can be recycled, such as paper, plastic.

3, law (1) : law is now allowed to manufacture of disposable products.

4, law, (2) : now the law of disposable goods has certain restrictions, as long as it is a statue of ji law-abiding citizens under the condition of without violating the law, won't have too much damage to the environment.

5, and medical supplies: many medical supplies must be disposable, it's not a question of environment, it's a matter of human life.

6, myth (1) : about more than 90% of people think the disposable products will drastically pollute the environment, it is not the case. Appropriate use of disposable products will not create too much pollution to the environment.

7, error (2) : although disposable products can have impact on the environment, but has been to remove part of the pollution in recyclability, and on the last already to another part of the pollution. In fact, not save is * environmental culprit.

8, with a one-off and does not save harm than: if one day with a pair of disposable chopsticks, the degree of harm to environment but is a pair of disposable chopsticks, at best, he is 10 per tree, if he can live to be 100 years old, and only a tree, and in 100, enough to make a tree MiaoChangCheng great trees. If a person waste 10 ml of water a day (for some) more than ten days to have a litre, one hundred days a kilogram, a year has four kilograms, if he lived 100 years, nearly half a ton of water!! Disposable products is only the scapegoat for it!

Convenient, health, and reliable, does not cause secondary pollution, cost is small, the benefits of avoid cross infection, is easy, convenient, save time. To work more busy people, such as reduced some trouble after wash, also can avoid some of the spread of disease.