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About The Slipper's Sole,how much Do You Know?

Mar 16, 2017

First: TPR bottom

The bottom is the most common, at the end of the process of TPR is divided into TPR, TPR hard and soft bottom, TPR side seam bottom, there are a lot of friends of the rubber bottom, Dichotomanthes bottom, bottom blowing, sticky glue can fall into this category.

TPR at the end of the leisure slippers is soft, waterproof, good abrasion resistance, we usually feel that is familiar with the rubber handle, and one is on the basis of TPR, the pressure into the cloth, increase the durability of TPR.

Second: EVA bottom

At the end of a lot of people will feel strange, in fact, often go on business trips and love watching Korean people are not unfamiliar, the hotel is basically drag the bottom to do. Korean drama in many families wearing slippers is also the bottom.

The advantage of EVA is: firm, light, easy to clean.

Third: point plastic cloth bottom

Point plastic cloth in the country is not very popular, because many people feel inconvenient, do not feel waterproof. In fact, in foreign countries, this bottom is also very common, especially Americans like. Most of the animals used in shoes, Japan and South Korea also like to wear this kind of bottom, because the bottom of the anti slip is very good, because its mute effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, lightweight, non slip.

Fourth: cloth bottom

Many kinds of cloth, suede useful, useful canvas, and mop mop cloth velvet, slippers, cloth slippers suitable for wood flooring, soft and comfortable, good cleaning, most directly thrown into the washing machine on it. If you have a carpet in the room, or a high-grade wood floor, or you are a Indoorswoman, love nest in the bedroom on the Internet, so soft and comfortable cloth slippers is definitely the best choice. However, this kind of shoes from the bottom of the process is more difficult and the audience market is not large, the market rarely. Chinese market is not easy to operate such slippers.

Fifth: PVC

Is a process of synthesizing a layer of leather after the end of EVA. The outer seam shoes (pictured) are mostly made of this material. The same point plastic cloth, EVA, cloth at the same time, the bottom of the PVC is also used in Japan and South Korea slippers. Probably because most of Japan and South Korea are the family of wood floors and carpets, the bottom of the slippers are basically around, it is convenient to wear replacement. So this is the most popular in Japan and South Korea, will not be contaminated with dust, dirty as long as the cloth rub two clean. But the Chinese is not how well received, but his foot is still relatively stiff.

Sixth: other

There are a lot of fabrics can be used on the soles, such as leather, but more common is also not a luxury that.

Indoor slippers fabric: can be used in indoor slippers on a variety of fabrics, the most common is coral velvet, plush, short plush, suede. There are such as satin fabric, velvet, cashmere shake force, cotton velvet, towel cloth, velvet cloth, leather, South Korea, etc., basically can be used on clothing fabrics can be used for making slippers.

How to distinguish good indoor leisure slippers:

The simplest way to smell, good casual slippers, no pungent odor, there is no pungent flavor.

Second methods: view. Good casual slippers, fabric color is positive, embroidery pattern beautiful three-dimensional sense of strong, embroidered lines plump, as well as the use of slippers inside the fabric is good.

Third kinds of methods: OK, good quality leisure slippers, not cut corners, material weight relatively much higher, with relatively large sponge thickness. Nature will be better than the quality of shoes.

Fourth kinds of methods: fold, good quality leisure slippers, with hands folded it won't appear white misdeeds, belonging to the authentic rubber raw materials. Not easy to break, good flexibility, no smell of the bottom. If folded, the site of the sole of the shoe immediately began to pale, restore the original state, the folding of the local discoloration, deformation, it is natural that the bottom of the bad. Most of the raw materials used in the process are garbage crushed powder, which is then bleached to add flavor. This kind of bottom once after 2 cleaning life soon. The weather was too cold to be broken into pieces.