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Hotel Slipper Mass Production

Jun 09, 2017

Hotel Slipper Mass production

The hotel inside the slippers are generally one-time, then the hotel is how to produce slippers? Hotel slippers is not very practical? Let Xiaobian let everyone explain the next time the production of hotel slippers.

Disposable slippers because of its non-slip, ventilation, insulation, water absorption, water resistance, flexibility, flexibility, light can be bent, no cloth direction, can be quickly mass production, offer low price Was the hotel hotel and other places of expectation, because of its production of fabric without demand, the hotel hotel only need to provide a size, manufacturers can quickly produce a large number of production, the low price of its offer also decided a one-time Hotel slippers produced in large quantities. In addition, its soft comfort and waterproof anti-skid have also been the hotel hotel consumers.

Disposable slippers is an indispensable thing in the hotel, then the disposable slippers can bring any benefits for the hotel? Let Xiaobian let everyone explain the benefits of the next slippers to the hotel.

We are increasingly demanding health requirements, we expect the hotel to provide them with slippers, of course, others did not pass through the disposable slippers, so this one-time slippers is just able to meet the needs of the guests. Hotel in advance to provide guests with disposable slippers, you can eliminate the guests of all kinds of scruples, so that they rest assured that use. Although now everyone's living standards improved, but with the come is the birth of various diseases. Guests who come to the hotel do not expect to wear slippers that have been used by other guests, and guests will think that it is very unhealthy. And if the hotel for the guests to provide a one-time slippers, guests will be very happy use, and not the various scruples, so that they can easily enjoy the various services in the hotel.

At present, the vast majority of hotels provide one-time mesh slippers, then in the use of time to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian let everyone explain the next time slippers need to be used with caution.

Disposable slippers are mostly made of non-woven paper or paper, the end is the bottom of plastic, the center has a thin layer of sponge, soles are also divided into non-slip and non-slip two, non-slip soles refers to the sole relatively thick A little, and made a non-slip groove, so wear disposable mesh slippers, consumers try not to enter the bathroom. Mesh slippers soles the water will reduce the slippers and the friction on the ground, mesh slippers do not absorb water, will cause the water droplets condensed in the bottom of the shoes, constitute a flow layer, causing everyone to fall.