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Embroidered Slipper Cotton Slippers

Jun 09, 2017

Embroidered Slipper Cotton slippers

How to buy slippers due to perennial business slippers business, can not help but often need to pay attention to some knowledge of slippers, where I will collect and master the "essence" and share with you, because it seems very simple slippers to buy and Use there are a lot of "secret" in it. Here the first to start from the simple ... ... a cotton slippers most suitable for wear in the carpet or bedroom, very soft, very comfortable to wear. But because the whole is cotton, and no separate soles, so it is easy to dirty, especially in the gray on the ground. Advantages: very soft, very comfortable enough: easy to dirty, not suitable for walking in the gray ground.

Foam at the end of plush slippers plush slippers to wear the most warm, but because the soles are foam-like, so non-slip performance is not very good, especially just wiped the floor, the floor when there is water, it is easy to slip. Advantages: lack of warm: easy to slip water

Beef tendon bottom slippers tendon bottom slippers soles relatively strong, and wear it is also more comfortable. Is more suitable for wearing a variety of slippers at home on the ground. In addition, children and the elderly are very suitable for wearing this bottom and can wrap ankle slippers, can better protect the ankle is not injured.

Wearing slippers on the ground at home. In addition, children and the elderly are very suitable for wearing this bottom and can wrap ankle slippers, can better protect the ankle is not injured. Four PVC and PU material slippers - smoke and mirrors "beautiful" PVC is ployvinylchlorie short, that is, PVC, is a class of plastic, soft and hard points (just like our usual plastic Bag is a material). PU is ployurethane short, that is, polyurethane, synthetic leather is a class, high-grade PU material texture is quite good. But whether it is PVC or PU, they are not cortical, but chemical synthetic materials, especially the PU leather, that white is a very good plastic, with easy to break, anti-corrosion, anti-aging advantages, they are mostly used Watches for the watch, Japan CASIO watch a lot of money is to use this material. So we buy slippers if not carefully identified by those who seem "beautiful" and "Eagle" symbol of the confusion, it is easy to be "smart" business by the deceived, the results of the next "dowry" married Bit fake "bride" home. (Buy slippers when there is a trick is very simple, but also familiar with the method, that is - to those who believe that good business to buy! Hee hee ~ simple easy to remember it?

As a result of sweat absorption, good air permeability, very wide and harmless to the human body and other significant features, has been widely used in various types of daily necessities in the manufacture, such as the common linen knitted fabric, linen mat (we Taobao " "Is known as Taobao largest linen mat store, is the only distribution of smooth linen linen network, we can go to see when you can), linen slippers (mostly used in the shoe insole), etc., especially the fine workmanship linen Class products, the basic market in the best-selling high-grade goods (especially in Europe and the United States).