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Wipe the market prospect of the slippers

Dec 21, 2016

The brushing slippers, just as its name implies is to when the slippers to wear, and can clean the indoor floor clean discharge the suffering of the brushing repeatedly. This fresh shoes must have would be welcome.

Nowadays, urban residents are living on the building, the rooms have ceramic tile floor, also have paved marble and plastic flooring, advanced some still lay on the floor. Room beautiful and comfortable, but also brings endless trouble and tired, need often mop the floor! Less drag mop the floor, with more than ten minutes, then a few minutes, time-consuming and laborious. If there is a old man in the home, pregnant women and children, is more trouble. Although mop the floor tools of continuous improvement, but still cannot solve the problem thoroughly, because as long as someone is walking every day, there will be dust.

For this, let's do a hypothetical, if the use of people walking around the resources, develop a can to a tool, by the way, will be very popular with people? Unquestionably, this tool is the best candidate for indoor slippers.

Wipe aspects can do it and ordinary slippers slippers, but it adds a layer of the bottom of the antiskid, wear-resisting, strong aspiration of filamentous fiber materials. Put on the slippers, walked about the room at the same time, will also be floor clean! When holidays, the family, the more the floor just wipe clean. In addition, this kind of slippers in the fiber materials, add a layer at the bottom of the dress more soft and comfortable, as in advanced carpet to walk, the feeling will be more comfortable. And also is easy to clean, in water can be cleaned.

Market analysis:

Slippers this market is terrible, and the demand of indoor slippers is more big, every family all need, each family need two or three pairs, less than you need to seven or eight pairs, if it is hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutes need is more, the market capacity, good prospects, it is difficult to estimate.

The brushing slippers not only gives the shoes of utility, and attached to a function, will get the welcome of people. And the price is not too expensive, every family can afford prices like that.