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What you don't know the history of the slippers

Dec 21, 2016

A lot of people on the development history of wholesale sandals and slippers is not clear, most people think that the slippers are for modern Chinese a kind of shoes, in fact, as early as the northern and southern dynasties was born slippers, and there is a clear related historical records, many netizens estimate feel weird, we take a look at the slippers that hundreds of years of evolution and evolution.

The qing dynasty as well as ke xu for a record of the slippers

About the slippers, qing ke xu said: "no drag, drag. Slippers, shoes heel also. Any drag, take its light also." The definition of the "arbitrary drag the", reflecting the slippers unrestrained extremely the spirit of leisure. Slippers itself, not have without block, to a line on the feet, the liberation of feet; Shoes how fit again, on foot is a kind of oppression, a restriction, carelessly also forces "smelly feet". Slippers in real life, not only can make the person's feet to get rid of the shackles, seems to be more to the spirit of the people liberated from extreme stress of work and life.

A record of the northern and southern dynasties literature of slippers

The initial slippers, wooden majority, wooden slippers also known as the "combined", "TaLaBan son" or "GuDa plank son". "GuDa plank son" general with hard planks, multi-purpose canvas belt, leather belt or plastic belt for foot loop. Wearing a walk "GuDa, GuDa" noise. With the development of The Times, plus not too comfortable, so now see the clogs in the urban family. Language according to dongfang shuo "suo" load: "when the spring and autumn period and the interface of the push to escape a secret of trees die, male stroke wooden lament, hence think DE patinagem DE." Visible, when loading history "slippers", just out of mourning for the dead, nothing to do with leisure. "GuDa plank son" first prevailed in the northern and southern dynasties in China, xie lingyun had to transform, is also called "DE patinagem DE Xie Gong". Li bai in the sleepwalking tianmu sing a souvenir on leaving, there is a "foot DE patinagem DE Xie Gong, in his green ladder", say is this clogs. Affectionate childe jia baoyu in dream of red mansions often wearing this wooden slippers. As to how clogs on folk and travelled to Japan, is not the details. An unofficial history from civilian perspective, clogs "everywhere are used in the rain, the min versa. Cantonese, rain or shine, both men and women, all of Nie". To "qing guangxu and xuantong, Shanghai men and women, summer needs to" drag of, is the modern things.

The first pair of plastic slippers"

The first pair of plastic slippers "appeared in the 1950 s in France. In 1960, our country also produce plastic slippers. Today, the main material of plastic foam is making slippers. Also introduced a "plastic slippers, PVC slippers. "Eva slippers" emerged in the peak period of development, "rubber slippers", "grass slippers", "cloth slippers" and so on. In recent years introduced plush slippers, indoor slippers, hotel slippers, disposable slippers, massage slippers, fashion slippers, etc. Now development "slippers" "blowing the slippers" and so on has everything. And each have each style, each have each opportunity, slippers market can be said to be in full swing now. Especially the "plastic slippers" content cheap beautiful and durable, very the reception that make consumers at home and abroad.

, advocate natural and environmental climate in recent years, with skin, natural materials such as wood, bamboo, straw slippers, began to popular in our country. Now more to cool slippers, health care, security, modern features, emerging out of the air conditioning slippers, bath slippers, beach slippers, health slippers, fashion slippers, bedroom slippers. As these varied, colorful scene slippers, leisure comfortable, elegant and natural and unrestrained leisure landscape, build a romantic summer fun.

Gold slippers

Late 21st dynasty is the ancient Egypt "dynasty", this period of ancient Egypt art activities, but this time metal craft scored quite achievements. "Golden slippers" is one of the outstanding representatives. It is made of pure gold, 23.5 cm long, the design is novel, modern, manufacture technique is quite fine, looks thin and lovely. On the sole is etched with circular pattern, make it more elegant and chic, at the same time as the cold metal crafts injected with tenderness, it is twenty dynasty boutique in the process of gold.

Lighting slippers

American invention doug, recently invented a kind of "lighting slippers marching it can automatic light up in the dark environment space, the range of 6 to 7 metres in front of the frequent removes a night of fear in the dark feeling upset. The front end of the new slippers is equipped with a small light bulb, when the built-in sensors "notice" to the dark environment or when someone put on it will automatically light bulb light up ahead, "smart" sensors coupled with non-slip soles, replaceable lithium battery and delay lights out intimate design, the costing about $40 "lighting slippers" by the principle of simple they solved the required frequent dark up patients or watchman's troubles. Is very popular with the consumers.

To the modern society, and there are many functional sandals, slippers, such as led usb slippers, the health care physical therapy slippers, and special purpose antistatic slippers, there are all kinds of art modelling slippers, anyhow slippers evolution to today, has been extended to thousands of categories, as people living demand constantly improve, will also appear in the future more peculiar function and special styles of slippers.