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The choose and buy of cotton slippers

Dec 21, 2016

Smell: not good cotton slippers, have pungent peculiar smell, no pungent aroma.

View: good cotton slippers, fabric colour is, embroider design stereo sense is strong, beautiful lines fullness. Slippers inside the fabric.

Ok: good quality cotton slippers, no corners, selects material gram is relatively much higher, fill the sponge thickness is bigger, will naturally than quality

Bad shoes on.

Fold: good quality cotton slippers, use of versatile it won't appear white warts, belong to the original rubber raw materials. It is not easy to fracture, good flexibility.

If come, sole folding parts immediately turned white, restorable after folding place discoloration, deformation. This situation is the sole bad performance. Most used inferior cotton shoes at the end of the raw material is crushed waste powder, bleach again to add flavor. This kind of cotton slippers after 2 times life will put an end to the basic cleaning, the weather is too cold will be weathered broken shape directly.

Non-slip performance test: there is used when buying shoes sole rub a rub on the ground, look acerbity acerbity, not more astringent prevent slippery effect is good.

Cotton slippers and maintenance

Washing: in order to avoid deformation and slippers, cotton slippers with rubber soles for wear in the process of the washing and washing machine inside, generally recommend that washed by hand.

First put slippers in birdbath soaked completely, in cotton shoe surface coated with detergent. Cleaning the rubber, and then from the inside of the shoes to the instep with soft hair brush to wash, in turn finally rinsed in dry can.

Decontamination suede slippers had better choose a sandpaper gently rubbing suede erect.

Maintenance: slippers, easy to mould in damp environment, make sure slippers before storage dry naturally, if you have bad points, remember must use dry cloth to wipe again after storage.

Finally to prevent deformation of slippers, slippers slippers to ensure there is enough space before storage, moistureproof agent is put inside box, using slippers drag hold up in case by extrusion and deformation.

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