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Several materials of slippers

Dec 21, 2016

Hotel slippers with non-slip soles, wear comfortable, convenient use, etc. As people life quality rise, and more and more close to people's life, convenient, health, warm and comfortable characteristics make the hotel slippers gradually become an indispensable part of people's life. The advantages of TPR bottom soft, waterproof, wear resistance. EVA bottom advantages: strong, lightweight, easy to clean, comfortable and breathable, soft, rich colors. Bottom soft plastic cloth, light, prevent slippery. Soft and comfortable cloth bottom, a good cleaning. Performance advantages of hotels and hotel use disposable slippers is non-slip soles, wear comfortable, easy to use. Disposable slippers of all sizes is certain, when production is relatively easy. And don't like those can recycle cotton slippers slippers fabrics of the demand is higher, the disposable slippers to the requirements of the fabric is very low. There are many kinds of disposable supplies, hotel use disposable slippers is the most common and most hotel disposable supplies, disposable slippers not only easy to use, and has the good permeability, water imbibition is strong, high softness, without the direction of the traditional fabric also, in addition to the production speed, low price advantage. Suitable for many hotels, guesthouses, sauna and so on.