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How the hotel slippers disinfection

Dec 21, 2016

Hotel slippers are the necessary items, belong to one of the six small hotel. Here to share a hotel slippers emits an odor prevention method: using glass silk stockings package some dry tea, goal shoes inside, have the function of the cleaning, disinfection and volatile odor; Alum have deodorization effect, you can sprinkle some powdered alum to the shoes; With a slightly hard paper, put camphor ball wrapped up to the shoe; Or will camphor ball grinding, and then sprinkle the powder evenly inside the shoe; Use cotton with some alcohol into the hotel disposable slippers, after a night, alcohol will evaporate, smell can be removed, you can wear it again the next day.

Slippers is one of the shoes, the popular theory, refers to the slippers originated in Japan during the Meiji era; Actually slippers more and early to rise makes a man from India. Followed by completely empty, only in front of the top of the shoe, is flat, more material is often quite soft leather, plastic, cloth, etc. The kinds of slippers and performance purposes are differentiated by wearing occasion.

Now most of the hotel in the guest rooms are with disposable slippers (paper mop, cotton mop or cloth with soft nap drag), more than two, three-star hotel for thin paper trail, more than four, five-star hotel is a bit thick cotton mop, velvet. Hotel service, all should with good customer service as the starting point. Slippers, head of the issues that need to be hotel much attention, and put forward improvement ideas for the convenience of guests.