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Hotel if it is impossible to disposable goods temporarily removed

Dec 21, 2016

Hotel, hotel, bath, slippers inside the toothbrush, comb, such as a few small is not strange for the consumer that lived in the hotel, the one-off toiletries in free of charge to the tenant to provide convenient at the same time, also poses a very serious problem. In summary, it is increase the enterprise cost, waste of resources, 2 it is to bring the environment "of the refractory plastic garbage". Keep up with the trend of the world, disposable supplies must escape is not the last is "pulled" destiny. However, from the perspective of consumer interests, the "remove" I'm afraid not cut the Gordian knot, need step by step.

Although disposable goods "environmental protection" concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but because of concerns that lead to dissatisfied customers, the hotel industry is still wary of cancel the disposable supplies service. Reporters found that consumers and hotel industry need to reverse the idea, by providing incentives to customers, gradually with disposable supplies the expensive "convenience" to say goodbye.

In the field of production, for those who adopt new technology, new material in the production of environmentally friendly disposable supplies enterprises, took the tax breaks or subsidies and incentives. In the field of consumption, to choose biodegradable disposable supplies hotel enterprises shall be rewarded, hotels are tenants of the appliance that wash gargle to bring their own not to use disposable goods housing discount, such as small gift reward.