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Cotton slippers eight to stink

Dec 21, 2016

In cotton with some alcohol into shoe, after a night, alcohol will evaporate, smell can be removed, you can wear it again the next day.

2. If you don't wear shoes in the shoe ark, can put a piece of soap, the effect of deodorization.

3. Include some dry tea with glass silk stockings, goal shoes inside, have the function of the cleaning, disinfection and volatile odor.

4. Every night before bed in the quick lime powder into a small bag, inside moisture absorption. Lime bag can also kill shoes germs, can play a remove shoes smelly function, can use repeatedly.

5. You can go to the market to buy the same deodorant spray, spray a spray inside the shoe, every day can ease smelly shoes.

6. The effectiveness of alum have deodorization, sprinkled some alum powder into the shoes. Are sold (general pharmacy)

7. With a slightly hard paper, put camphor ball wrapped up to the shoe; Or will camphor ball grinding, and then sprinkle the powder evenly inside the shoe. In the above put insoles, a pair of shoes just about a camphor ball. Doing so can keep the shoes dry, also can remove smelly shoes. Camphor ball has good antibacterial effect, still can kill bacteria multiply because of the wet.

8. A little bit more simple method is to sprinkle some salt in the shoe, can absorb sweat and deodorant. (though some cleaning up a little trouble)