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Cotton mop only wear a winter best

Dec 21, 2016

Cotton slippers is a component of the winter home, bring warm to people at the same time, also often be ignored. Jilin university first hospital clinical laboratory for tests showed 10 families slippers, there are four families of more than 200 bacterial colonies on the slippers. And nearly half of the people too lazy to brush the slippers, even two adults to wash once half a year. Especially in winter, many people drag cotton dust ash away, instead it will make slippers "bacteria" camp ".

Slippers are mostly harmful bacteria, is also one of the main ways to spread disease. Association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitors working committee director song ansheng told "life times" reporter: "many people think of slippers is to wear in the home, anyway are dirty, this is absolutely wrong. For the most common cotton slippers, the feet and shoes contact time long, easy to sweat, if not temperamental predominance to wash, warm, dark, wet shoes become 'stronghold of bacterial growth, reproduction, and can lead to foot odor, foot, etc, and at home, spread in the world."

Song ansheng suggests, after the winter, cotton, wool slippers to clean again after receive. Cleaning time pay attention to the washing instructions on the slippers, machine wash or hand wash with warm water, after thorough cleaning, again in the sun, the sun's uv rays can kill many bacteria, final reoccupy breathable packaging bags, as far as possible don't use plastic bags. In addition, if can't do a thorough cleaning, also had better not let slippers "extended", basically should have changed in a winter.